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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Sezame Wallet 04/27/2023 Tobias Kuster Conception Prepare call for Maud with checking latest ALPH news > Followup with Maud in call, brainstorm about potential projects. Conclusion: Raffle and Dex are two main possibilities 2.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 03/01/2023 Tobias Kuster Conception Final changes to website and web3 grant document 3.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 03/22/2022 Aram Suqiasyan Development New feature / Change #4165: Update seed phrase page (import) Fixed all functionality in the wallet import process page. Fixed also styles, And fixed safeAreaView part for this screens 10.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 03/09/2022 Gilles Hemmerlé Development Quick wallet creation fix + implemented svg image plugin 2.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/17/2022 Gilles Hemmerlé Development Improved overall performances of walelt generation / encryption / decryption 2.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/16/2022 Gilles Hemmerlé Development Reworked the wallet creation + encryption / decryption of the seed (and derived addresses) in the storage 12.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/14/2022 Gilles Hemmerlé Development Added alephium into the sezame sdk 8.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/14/2022 Olivier Bitsch Development Help on Alephium-JS testing and debugging 2.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/11/2022 Gilles Hemmerlé Development Adding aventus to the sezame sdk 8.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/09/2022 Gilles Hemmerlé Development New feature / Change #4027: Testing basic interactions on testnet Test des fonctions javascript pour envoyer / recevoir des avt et créer son wallet 2.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/08/2022 Muhammed Abozaid Conception React Native and storybook researching 4.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/08/2022 Muhammed Abozaid Development Initializing React native app with Ignite 8.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/08/2022 Olivier Bitsch Conception Mokup Pencil baed on UX designer 2.00 Actions
Sezame Wallet 02/07/2022 Olivier Bitsch Conception Project init - various repository forking - update README 2.00 Actions

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