How to create a new change request or issue reporting

Whenever you need a new feature or discover an issue from your developed software, you should create a Redmine issue. This will help to track changes and be sure the request will not be lost until the change is implemented and deployed on your platform.

When you should make a request

You may create a request for any cases listed here.

  • Whenever your discover a security breach (open issue as bug).
  • Whenever a feature is not working as expected (open issue as bug).
  • Whenever a feature is not working anymore (open issue as bug).
  • Whenever you need a new feature (open issue as change request).
  • Whenever you need the cost estimation for a feature (open issue as change request).

But you shoudn't create a request for those cases listed here.

  • If your server is not working anymore.
  • Your computer crashes or is not booting anymore.

What the process to create a new issue

  • The first step is accessing to your project page.
  • Click on the + (plus) button on top left of the page.
  • Click on New issue ** Choose the appropriate tracker according to the kind of the issue you are going the create. ** Choose a clear subjet, like if you send a mail. You may choose something like New customer field or Unable to open page ** ... Process to be finished

What the next step on issue is created

When you create a new request, iabsis team is notified to take care of the issue. We will take a different approach depending of the kind of request.

  • Issue within software warranty: if your software is under warranty, your incident will be fixed as soon as possible. Any fee will be invoiced in that case.
  • Issue outside of software warranty: if your software has no warranty cover, we will contact you to check if you prefer renewing your warranty, otherwise your issue will be fixed on man hour basis.
  • Change request: this request will be fixed as man hour basis unless we are actively developing your software. A commercial quotation may be done if required.

What needs to be done once fixed is done

A new package for the software is usually automatically performed in that case. This package needs to be tested first on a staging server and can be then published on your production server.

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