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clients Manager 10/09/2015
WakeUp Rpi Manager 01/19/2020
edumeet-pkg Manager 09/18/2023
Health Care Worker @Home Manager 02/16/2022
hcw-backend Manager 02/16/2022
hcw-doctor Manager 02/16/2022
hcw-patient Manager 02/16/2022
hug-angular Manager 12/07/2022
hug-home-admin Manager 09/12/2023
Mediasoup API Manager 08/23/2023
Builder CI Manager 06/17/2021
Redmine Builder CI Manager 06/25/2021
matrix-react-sdk Manager 12/17/2020
Alephium Debian/Ubuntu Packages (BlockChain + Miner) Manager 09/17/2021
Sesame Wallet (mobile app) Manager 09/20/2021
Sezame Wallet Manager 02/02/2022
sezame-sdk Manager 02/07/2022
Odoo OCA Manager 07/11/2022
pyMailCatch Manager 01/21/2022
fscrypt Manager 06/23/2021
iGestis Manager 01/19/2015
iGestis-ServerMgmt Manager 12/12/2019
igestis-TCPDF Manager 06/23/2020
noethys Manager 05/27/2021



07:42 AM hcw-doctor Revision 97c122b5: Add build for docker and podman in makefile
Olivier Bitsch
07:40 AM hcw-doctor Revision 80faa7d5: New dev release
Olivier Bitsch


02:09 PM Health Care Worker @Home Bug #6149 (In Study): Session are way too short, also need implement refresh
Olivier Bitsch
02:05 PM Health Care Worker @Home Bug #6148 (In Study): Websocket issue with Expert link status
Olivier Bitsch


09:37 AM hcw-patient Revision c9b6f096: Adding healthcheck URL
Olivier Bitsch
09:35 AM hcw-doctor Revision 02767a96: Adding healthcheck URL
Olivier Bitsch
08:54 AM hug-home-admin New feature / Change #6146 (In Study): Fix authentication form
For now, admin only permit to login thanks to a local account, remove the SSO button so. Olivier Bitsch
08:53 AM hug-home-admin New feature / Change #6145 (In Study): Add mediasoup Administration
Add the possibility to create/update/delete mediasoup server.
Would be also nice to check if mediasoup is valid !
Olivier Bitsch
08:52 AM hug-home-admin New feature / Change #6066 (Done): Faire fonctionner les queues
Olivier Bitsch
08:18 AM Health Care Worker @Home Bug #6144 (In Study): Expert don't see new message until refresh
Olivier Bitsch

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