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Alephium Debian/Ubuntu Packages (BlockChain + Miner) Rapporteur/Client 12/13/2021
Sesame Wallet (mobile app) Rapporteur/Client 12/13/2021
Sezame Wallet Rapporteur/Client 02/02/2022
sezame-sdk Rapporteur/Client 02/07/2022



11:50 AM Sezame Wallet New feature / Change #4261 (Rejected): restauring a wallet
There should be a way to back up the wallet as it is in order to be able to reimport the wallet with all the networks... Ricardo Mastrangelo
09:36 AM Sezame Wallet New feature / Change #4260 (Rejected): Address Copy and Paste missing
There should be a way of copy pasting the address for each network on each network. For example a small logo or text ... Ricardo Mastrangelo


07:59 PM Sezame Wallet Bug #4256 (Rejected): Logos are not displaying when added
I added several currencies on several networks and logo are not being displayed. Ricardo Mastrangelo
07:56 PM Sezame Wallet Bug #4252 (In Study): Scanner is just picture / No indication of what to do
When clicking on scanner, there is the camera and a black screen below. Should be full camera or blackscreen with tex... Ricardo Mastrangelo
07:52 PM Sezame Wallet Bug #4250 (In Study): Address Format is Unusual
When click on receive address format is divided into 5-5-5-5 digits, which is unusual. Maybe not a bug, but unusual. ... Ricardo Mastrangelo
07:44 PM Sezame Wallet Bug #4246 (Rejected): Unlock your wallet - finger print
When applying my finger on the finger print verification, there is a popup, that requires me to put my finger print a... Ricardo Mastrangelo

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